NWL is a leading manufacturer and designer of transformers, inductors, capacitors and power supplies for industrial applications, specializing in power supplies for electrostatic precipitators. The company was founded in the 1930’s by John Nothelfer as a transformer repair shop – Nothelfer Winding Laboratories, hence the name NWL. In 1968, Mr. Nothelfer retired and sold the company to a group of 13 employees led by then Vice President, Jim Seitz. The company remains employee owned today and is led by Jim Seitz’s sons, David and Bert.

Power Supplies

NWL is a leading manufacturer of power supplies, including PowerPlus™ Series high frequency switch mode power supplies, mid frequency switch mode supplies, linear 50/60 Hz power supplies and dehydrators/desalters power supplies.

  • PowerPlus™ Series High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies

  • Mid Frequency Switch Mode Supplies – ML™ Series

  • Linear 50/60 Hz Power Supplies

  • Power Supplies for Dehydrators/Desalters

Military & Industrial

NWL is a leading manufacturer of transformers, inductors and capacitors for military and industrial applications.

  • High Energy Storage, Pulse Discharge

  • Industrial Transformers, Inductors & Capacitors


NWL is a leading manufacturer of capacitors in a variety of styles, including high energy storage capacitors, pulse discharge capacitors, DC continuous voltage capacitors, input filtering capacitors, AC voltage capacitors, resonant tank capacitors, harmonic filtering capacitors, snubber protection capacitors, clamping capacitors, and commutation capacitors.

  • High Energy Storage, Pulse Discharge

  • DC Continuous Voltage, Input Filtering, DC Link

  • AC Voltage, Resonant Tank Harmonic Filtering

  • Snubber Protection, Clamping, Commutation

Controls for ESPs

This chart describes the switch arrangements used with standard PowerPlus™ power supplies for electrostatic precipitators (ESPs).

  • Graphic Rapper Controllers for ESPs

  • Graphic Voltage Controllers & T/R Controls for ESPs

  • Precipitator Control and Management System (PCAMS)

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) Products

NWL is a leading manufacturer of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) products, including power supplies/ancillaries and controls for ESPs.

  • PowerCube™ Replacement for Standard Puck Style SCR Assemblies

  • Current Limiting Reactors for Electrostatic Precipitators

  • Transformer/Rectifier Sets for Electrostatic Precipitators

  • Submersible High Pressure Dewatering


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