We're 'passionate about sensors'. We strive to solve your problems with our products using our experience and training. From automotive to stage production, and everything in between, our flexible product manufacturing process for custom designs means you get automation that works for YOU. We supply everything from encoders, sensors and measuring technology to monitoring and control systems and machine lighting. Our factory-trained technicians are available to bring you 100% customer satisfaction, 24/7. We do training too! In fact, everything we do is to make your business run more efficiently.

  1. Absolute Rotary Encoders

    We put a spin on things with even more interfaces and customizability.

    In the encoder world, one size does not t all and our diversied line of absolute encoders ensures that we have the right product for your unique applications. Big, small, heavy duty, water-tight, ATEX and SIL, we’ve got you covered. All the major Fieldbus, Ethernet and discrete interfaces for you to choose from. Need something a little different? Give us a call. We provide customizable solutions to meet your industry needs.

  2. Incremental Rotary Encoders

    We keep our ngers on the pulse of the market.

    Incremental encoders are sometimes referred to as the “dumb” encoder. We happen to think our incremental encoders are very smart, thank you very much. Whether you’re using them in an environment of high contaminants and intense vibrations or in areas of high and low temperature our intelligent incremental encoders will change your perception of the trusty old incremental encoder and possibly change the way you use them for your applications.

  3. Wire Draw Encoders

    String Pots, Yo-Yo’s, Cable Retractors – Whatever you want to call them; we got ’m.

    Our Rotary Incremental and Absolute encoders can be equipped with a cable retractor in lengths up to 50 meters. With three different device classes available, we can fulll the specic needs of your application’s mechanical loads, duty cycle, resolution and accuracy. Give us a call and nd out what solutions we have for your specic need.

  4. Linear Encoders

    We Move to the Sound of YOUR drummer.

    Our line of Linear Encoders cover a wide range of application requirements from Sub-Micron resolution to linear segments that can be linked together to measure up to a class leading 20 meters! We manufacture linear encoders in all of the standard physical formats and communication interfaces.

  5. Laser Positioning

    Non-contact, absolute positioning and measurement over long distances, with fast integration times for standard positioning or closed-loop control applications. Our Laser distance measurement systems are ideally suited for providing positioning and measurement information accurately and efficiently across a variety of industrial communication options.

  6. Positioning Drives

    Intelligent compact decentralized drives with integrated motor,

    Our versatile decentralized drives, also referred to as the encoTRive series, offer a variety of applicable interfaces for a variety of applications. The positioning drives in the MA series are ideally suited as auxiliary drives for adjusting formats, guide rails and stops for use in folding machines, thermoforming machines and component mixing systems.

  7. Press Monitoring and Control

    The best press issue to have is the one that never happens.

    Knowing exactly what is happening inside the tool or die of a press is the basis for improved quality control, reduced downtime, and the prevention of costly catastrophic equipment failures. The versatility of the Unidor solution allows it to act as a stand-alone system or be integrated into the main PLC controller of the pss.

  8. Sensors

    High performance, low cost sensors for all your application needs.

    We offer a wide range of standard and specialized sensors for a multitude of industries. Our sensors come equipped for installation into any application and routinely maintains the high degree of quality we have become known for.

  9. Machine and Vision Lighting

    Optimum lighting for industrial applications. The bright ideas start here!

    We are proud to provide our customers with optimum lighting options for all of your industrial machines and processes. Whether it’s vision specic applications or strictly to improve the illumination of your machine or work area, we can provide a multitude of lighting options. Not only are our ideas bright, they’re illuminating too!

  10. Cables, Connectivity and Switches

    We keep you connected.

    We stock a full complement of cables, connectors and distribution blocks. That means we have wired options with a myriad of options, as well as wireless options from PowerGap. Looking for a customized length? Having trouble solving EMI concerns? Our technical staff is ready to help at a moment's notice.


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