1983, HT was born. During its first years the company has been mainly focusing on selecting and marketing test equipment, clamp-on meters and DMMs. HT aimed at taking the most important challenge: designing and building its own instruments as a result of experiences and ideas gained over the years. The first model MASTER HT2031 was created.


Scissors by HT have been designed to meet the requirements of installation technicians who use these tools not only for cutting but also for peeling and crimping.




Laser distance meters

Those Laser distance meters are the evolution of linear measurement with the possibility of carrying out precision measurements, geometric calculations and transferring data onto your smartphone or tablet through the relevant App, available in the store.

  • DM40

  • IDM70

Environmental measurements

Thermometers, temperature probes air velocity meters are everything you need for controlling and monitoring the quality of the environment, intended both as the working and as the living place.

  • HT154

  • HT155

  • HT204

  • HT309

  • HT950N

  • HT3300

  • HT3302

Voltage detectors and others

Voltage Detectors, Circuit Breaker nder, Portable working lamp are Indispensable equipment which must always accompany the technician. Its essential characteristics are an extreme handiness, a very high protection degree and easiness of use.

  • F3000

  • HT5

  • HT-5000

  • HT38

  • HT82

  • HT2234N

  • HT-5000

Clamp Meters

With HT Instruments you can nd the Clamp Meter suits your needs thanks to the most complete range of Clamp Meters on the market.

  • F3000

  • HT77N

  • HT78

  • HT100

  • HT4010

  • HT4012

  • HT7003

  • HT7005

  • HT9022

Process calibrators

4-20mA Process calibrators are specic equipment which, thanks to the employed modern building technology, is now part of the range of mobile devices which have become indispensable to technicians working on modern installations.

  • HT8051

  • HT8100

Digital Multimeters

The multimeter or voltage tester for those working in the electricity sector, must have the basic requirements of reliability, accuracy, safety and practicality in the use.


  • HT6

  • HT9

  • HT12

  • HT14D

  • HT32

  • HT64

  • HT9

Infrared Cameras

HT Instruments infrared cameras are indispensable to make an inspection of electrical switch gears, photovoltaic panels, windows and thermal bridges in domestic and industrial environments.


  • THT32

  • THT45

  • THT46

  • THT60

  • THT70

Photovoltaic Testers

A range of products to verify the safety and efficiency of photovoltaic installations. This range includes 1500V I-V Curve Tracers, Insulation testers (IEC/EN62446), designed to provide more and more functional solutions for the activities to be performed.

  • I-V400w

  • I-V525w

  • MPP300

  • PV-215

  • SOLAR300N

  • SOLAR-515w

Installation Testers

A Multi-Function installation tester is better than the single function meter.

  • COMBI419


  • EQUITEST5071


  • GSC3

  • GSC3


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