As a pioneer of vacuum technology, Leybold offers a wide range of vacuum components, standardized and fully customized vacuum solutions, complemented by vacuum technology accessories and instrumentation. Our core capabilities center on the development of application- and customer-specific systems for the creation of vacuums and extraction of processing gases.

LEYBONOL- Oils, Greases, Lubricants

LEYBONOL® − our well-known brand of high-quality vacuum pump oils. LEYBONOL® has been exhaustively tested to the same rigorous standards with regard to performance and sustainability that our customers have come to expect from Leybold.

  • LEYBONOL LVO 1xx - Mineral Oil

  • LEYBONOL LVO 2xx - Ester Oil

  • LEYBONOL LVO 3xx - PAO oil

  • LEYBONOL LVO 4xx - PFPE oil

  • LEYBONOL LVO 5xx - Diffusion pump oil

  • LEYBONOL LVO 7xx - Special lubricants

  • LEYBONOL LVO 8xx - Greases

Roots Vacuum Pumps

For many years now Roots vacuum pumps have been well established in the area of vacuum technology. In combination with backing pumps, which compress against the atmosphere, these pumps offer lots of advantages.

  • Roots Vacuum Pumps

Dry Compressing Vacuum Pumps



  • ECODRY plus



  • CLAWVAC - Dry Rough Vacuum Pump

Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps

Reliable vacuum pumps for long lasting operation and rough applications. Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are being used in all areas of vacuum engineering. They are equally suited for both industrial production and research applications. pump.

  • Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps


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