AMECO was founded in 1932 in Alsace, a French region that lies in between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine River, bordering both Germany and Switzerland. Being part of the Alsatian potash mines, we went from providing them with maintenance services, to supplying them with conveyors, to eventually delivering all types of equipment to fulfill their material handling needs.


Stackers are Bulk Material Handling equipment used mostly in the Cement Industry, Power Generation Industry (coal, gypsum, limestone) and Pulp and Paper Industry (woodchips), to stack Bulk Material on a Stockyard. Thanks to the Stacker System, the longitudinal piles can either be shaped in a chevron or in a cone shell mode.

  • Stacker Tripper Car

  • Stacker Boom structure

Rotary Scrapers

AMECO is the global leader for the supply of Rotary Scrapers, delivering its Bulk Handling equipment in fertilizers production plants throughout the world, in countries like Mexico, France, India or Indonesia.

  • Conical Prilling Tower Reclaimer 01

  • Conical Prilling Tower Reclaimer 02

  • Flat Prilling Tower Reclaimers 01

  • Flat Prilling Tower Reclaimers 02


The Shiploader is the last piece of equipment in the Material Handling system. The Shiploader position, at the end of the product stream, must be failure-free.

  • Shiploader 01

  • Shiploader 02

  • Shiploader 03

  • Shiploader 04


When large volumes of Bulk Material need to be temporary stored between individual plant process steps, AMECO’s Longitudinal Stockyards Solutions are the perfect solution.

  • Semi-Portal Scraper

  • Portal Scraper

  • Side Scraper


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